Ann Rutherford Post


Every star has what is called a ‘silver lining’. I know that one star does, Ann Rutherford. She was born on this day in 1917 in Vancouver, Canada. What? Ann Rutherford, a Canadian? Yep, indeed she was! But, she became Americanized pretty fast!  She meant a lot to me. She didn’t meet me, but she got a chance to meet my father. But, you know, if you love a star very much to the point of them influencing your life, you would miss them too, right? They’re like a part of your family. Ann is to me. Ann is like a special mentor, who is there to make us cheer up. I cannot tell you how difficult it was to lose her earlier this year. I think it broke my heart more than it did my fathers’ (who was a massive fan of hers as well, and who got to sit next to her on a plane for 7 hours).  Ann Rutherford is someone who I can proudly say is a positive role model. Some people have not a clue of who she is. Yes, I know she is so underrated, but she is one of the most talented Classic Stars ever. She was the 2nd last remaining cast member from “Gone With the Wind” (Olivia De Havilland holds that spot!) . She was perfect in “Two O’Clock Courage”, “The Ghost Comes Home”, “Love Finds Andy Hardy”, and many more!! She only had about 30 minutes of screen time in “Gone With the Wind”, but she’s there! Out of every movie she made, “Gone With the Wind” is the one that she mostly remembered for! She was great in “Whistling in the Dark”, “A Christmas Carol” and “Orchestra Wives”. She is just marvelous! She’s got that spark, a spark that not many stars have today. They don’t have that glitter in their eyes like Ann and the other legends do or did. Ann was a classic and she remained a classic till earlier this year. June 11th, 2012, is when we lost our darling Ann Rutherford. I’ll never forget when I heard the news at work and I literally cried for an hour, yes, she meant that much to me. Sometimes, a person who you’ve grown up with and loved for so long, you have a connection with and if they die, you feel mournful. She was 94, yes, very old. She lived a long time and today, she would have turned 95.


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