Another June Caprice Post



June Caprice. I want to know everything I can about her.  I knew that she was born on November the 19th 1895 in Arlington, MA. She was a performer on the stage. She was born Helen Elizabeth Lawson. So, how did she come up with the name “June Caprice”? Well, she made her stage debut on July 9th at the Academy of Music in Manhattan on 14th Street in the play “Caprice of the Mountains .” She got her last name from that title: ‘Caprice’. Now, where they got the name ‘June’, that I’ll never know? I know that June was definitely ‘in my house’, but it’s been recently that she’s been getting a lot of ‘attention’. It’s a good thing.  She came back to me through a photograph. The photograph below. She’s just beautiful. It’s actually one of my favorites of her, and of anyone. ‘Silence  is everything’ is what she once said (at least that what I was told). She was beautiful, but in her own way. There are photographs of her, that aren’t exactly the best. But, I’m not judging her on her beauty. I’m judging her as a person. From what I have read and researched, she was loved by all. She was a beauty inside and out. She didn’t live that long.  She died of a heart attack. She had been suffering from cancer. She died on November the 9th 1936. She was 40 years old. She married director Harry F. Millarde and the two of them had one daughter, June Elizabeth Millarde. When her husband died in 1931, June Caprice died 5 years later, making June Elizabeth an ‘orphan’ and letting the grandparents raise her. That’s hard to read. It really is. I couldn’t even fathom that. I know that losing a parent  is hard, but losing both in such a short time, now that’s hard! June died when she was only 40. She had been suffering from cancer and back then, people didn’t know what to do, and they would let you just ‘die’.

But, when I came across this photo, everything I knew about this woman, started flowing back to me. My heart started smiling.  The photograph was in a box at work and the back, it said “JUNE CAPRICE”. I didn’t’ even know what to think. I think I nearly cried for joy. I hadn’t seen this woman in forever. I didn’t even know how to breathe. I was so happy to see her face. I didn’t know what to even expect. My library get s a lot of great stuff, and June was mixed in. There were a few photos of her , that exactly weren’t her best (her teeth bucked out, a little bit.) But the one y’all are looking at, is my absolute favorite! It has inspired me so much to try to ‘figure this woman out’. When really, there is not much to ‘figure out’. But, in my soul, I know that it was meant for me to come across this photograph. I don’t know why, and I’m sorry if that comes across as odd and things, but I’m a writer, and a movie lover (The Silent’s  and Classic’s will do).  I combine these two together. When I see a photograph, such as the one below, you must understand what flows through me. I see words. Words of a story. But, then, I see the actor and I’ll get soo happy! When I combine the photograph with words=out comes a story based on that one photograph. June Caprice is worth more than a thousand words, and I realize that she had ‘more to say’. She speaks for herself. Through photographs, she becomes more and more visible. I know that sounds odd. What I mean is this. To most movie lovers, you probably have never heard of her. But if you were raised on silent’s, you probably have heard her name come up once or twice. Her name was always brought up, but then it fell by the wayside. Then, it came back up again, when I archived the photos at work. But, I made  a copy (after I scanned it) the photograph that you’re looking at. I had to hold onto it. It was too special. I don’t usually come across photos like that one and they have a lasting impact on me. I’m thinking about making it into a necklace (yes, I have a Lillian Gish , Vivian Martin and Olive Thomas Necklace(s) that I wear constantly!). But, this photo of June, I could do soooo much with and I guess just looking at, made me want to write a book about her!  She was brought up in my film class and to my surprise, I answered every one of the teacher’s questions about her. I  wish I could have met her personally, but all we have, are photographs and we have her surviving films.  The photographs speak to us and they say “I’m here! READ ABOUT  ME ! LEARN ABOUT ME!” She certainly left an impression on me! Go find out about her, she’s a pretty cool chick and you may get your start in loving classic or silent films! THANKS JUNE! Now, you tell me what you think of that photograph, isn’t not the prettiest thing you ever did see? I LOVE IT! CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT! 



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