Clara Bow

“I don’t know who that is? Who is she?” 

Clara Bow was someone that should be recognized for her distinguished work.

Born on the 29th of July, 1905 in Brooklyn, New York, Clara had a rough start to her life.

Her mother, Sarah, was not a very decent person. Many times, Clara nearly died because of her. Her mother was not well in the mind and it made it even harder for Clara to understand what love really was. She didn’t understand it at all. It wasn’t her fault that her mother tried to kill her. It wasn’t her fault that her family was poor and that Clara understood what it was like to not have clothes or food or anything.

Bow’s childhood was a moral blur, but at the same time, it made perfect sense to her. She use to say: “Nobody wanted me to be born in the first place”. Her self-confidence and esteem was shattered by the ruthless girls in her early school days.

Clara had to fend for herself, which really, was not an issue to her, but it would become one in her later life.

Clara’s career began the way most star’s career began: With a Beauty contest.

In 1921, at the tender age of  sixteen, Clara Bow entered the “Fame and Fortune” Contest. Against her mother’s wishes, but with full support from her father, Clara won the contest. It was a contest she easily won. With her fiery red hair and her lavish eyes, she got her ‘fame and fortune’. The winner of the contest, would be put into the motion picture business. She got her start in 1922, when she was put in a film with Marguerite Courtot, entitled “Down to the Sea in Ships”. The film was a success and it made Clara become an interest to rival studios. In 1924, Miss Bow was chosen to be the 1924 WAMPAS Baby Stars. That was basically an award given to new stars, if they deserved it. Clara must have worked her magic.

Clara’s life wasn’t always peaches and cream. In Hollywood, she was ridiculed for her modesty, for her background and for her ways of life. Some even called her “Stale Bread”. 

Clara couldn’t tell who were her friends and who weren’t her friends. She did have a few friends, (that included the Gish sisters, Marguerite Courtot, Jobyna Ralston, just to name a few). Clara’s career spiraled and it went up and down.

By the time Talkies came around, Clara was very hesitant about venturing in them.

She swallowed her pride and took the step forward and found herself to be very successful in the world of talkies.

Clara did eventually marry and was the mother of two lovely boys. She wanted to be the best mother she could be. She didn’t want to repeat what her mother had done to her. She wanted everything to be just right and she supported her sons fully. Her mental health, however, was not all there. She was confused by her childhood, as well as how she should react to people. She was placed in a few hospitals, but they really didn’t do her any good, except give people a reason to ridicule her.

Miss Bow did more than just act. She invented a new kind of style. She invented the new style of the Flapper (she wasn’t the first Flapper, that was Olive Thomas), but she was also called the “It” girl. She had it going for her. She was considered as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies,  and yet, she deserve more recognition. Her struggles in Hollywood , made her stronger and made her an icon!

Clara Bow left the world on September 27th, 1965, at the age of 60. Her heart was under attack and it lost the battle.

Just because she left the world, that doesn’t mean her legacy ends. It continues and keeps going! Her life is more than you know. Her fans will always adore her and defend her at any cost! Clara’s beauty and gift as an actress, comes to show that she was more than just “stale bread”.


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