Deanna Durbin

As we all know, Miss Durbin passed away just recently and I think that she deserves more than she’s recon for. First off, she was one of the first Hollywood stars to save Universal studios from bankruptcy and she had one of the best operatic voices in the world. She definitely had it.

She was born in Canada on Dec.4.1921. She was what we called “a crossover”. What’s that? Well, it’s when we take non-Americans, and Americanize them, to the point of them actually legitimately being American.

For years, the public thought that this beautiful woman was American. She sure sounded it and seemed it. She seemed to fit in perfectly with the American standards.

As far as we know, Miss Deanna Durbin was all American, beautiful and she knew her stuff. She knew how to sing. None of this auto-tune stuff, this woman, really had a powerful voice.

As far as obituaries go, I have noticed that the newspaper (depending on where you’re located), I feel that the editors or the writers, feel forced to have put her in there. If they did, I know that it was quite tiny and not very long. The obituary should have been longer, like if another major star had died. It was so tiny that you couldn’t even see it, I could have passed it up! My idea of an obituary is to give all the details of someone. It’s hard enough that the legend died, but do we have to try to make it like she wasn’t good at all?  She gave it her all. She sang, she even saved a studio from closing down. Her “B” movie presence was common, but it wasn’t rare. She did star in some “A” movies, but mainly, she sold records and vinyls. Her main passion, is and was, singing. Her operatic voice, is similar to a lullaby, and very soothing  I know that Opera isn’t a lot of people’s cup of tea, but it’s better than some of the stuff that we have now. In the eyes of an Old Hollywood lover, my respect for Deanna Durbin goes way beyond the average person. In my eyes, she was someone who we could all look up to, who we all could cherish and who we all could all relate to. Someone like Deanna is considered to be one of the greatest legends to have ever lived. Yes, the woman was 91 and she wasn’t going to be around much longer, but at least give her credit. She doesn’t need to be brushed aside. I know she’s gone now, and some people have already forgotten her. She needs to be remembered for what she did. Recognize her. She needs to be in the limelight. She needs to be remembered for what she was: A Legendary woman. Without her, I don’t think that music would be the same. The world of classical music and the world of beautiful people, wouldn’t be the same. Her lifeline lasted for more than 20 years. She saw all sorts of changes around her. She saw the Great Depression, survived World War II, the Vietnam war, The Cold War, and 9/11, she saw it all. She experienced changes in the way that a record is made. She could remember it all, and yet, all that, is now wasted. Being slightly over 5 foot, she conquered the world, one beautiful tune at a time. She did receive an Oscar in 1938, and she managed to keep in the spotlight, until she was really pushed aside and she moved to France. FRANCE??? Yes, France. Please, do note , that she wasn’t American, but Canadian. Many Canadians do speak French, so I can understand why she would relocate to France.


Durbin did marry. She did bore two children. She kept her family tree going. The ones related to her, feel the upmost respect and they feel the honor of being her relative. If I was related to her, I would for sure know that  I would make her proud.

Deanna is an underrated performer. What does underrated mean? It means that she is not well known, she’s not iconic, but at the same time, she is ICONIC. She is not on t-shirts, purses or anything, like Marilyn Monoroe or Audrey Hepburn is. SHE NEEDS TO BE THERE. She’s beautiful and photogenic enough to be on Something! Her vinyls are hidden away in  antique stores, or they’re not anywhere to be found. The stardust that Deanna had, slowly faded. Only when she passed away on the 30th of April, did her name become back into the spotlight again. There are people, like me, who have loved her music and her for years. Her own magic bursted into a thousand pieces and fell like dust onto the ones that loved her. It lets us know that she’ll always be loved by her fans and her family.

Deanna Durbin, was  one of Hollywood’s most beautiful living legends, and yet, one of Hollywood’s most underrated and forgotten leading ladies. In time, you may find that you may enjoy her, and  you may find yourself falling in love with her, like thousands already did.  Recognize her as a star and not just some lost soul.

Deanna Durbin, may you rest peacefully and may you always be remembered for your contribution to the music and film world!


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