June Caprice has been a favorite of mine for years. There is so much that I know about her, but there is still so much to learn! First off, I want to know how she got cancer. She died very young, and she died after her husband. June Caprice, wasn’t born ‘June Caprice’. She was born Helen Elizabeth Lawson in Arlington, Massachusetts on November 19th, 1895. I want to know if she was an only child? I don’t know anything about her family life at all. I don’t know if she had a good relationship with her parents. I don’t know how she even got interested in show business? She started her career on the stage, which is where a lot of stars began their careers and a lot of them ended their career’s there. She began her theatre career in 1916. She was billed as “Helen Lawson”. She had a beautiful name, so why did she change it?

          In 1916, an executive from the Fox Studios came and were looking for “a second Mary Pickford”. The Fox Studios thought that she was the best pick.

Little Helen’s name would be changed from Helen Lawson to “June Caprice. Now, how in the world do you get “June” out of “Helen”? I’m sorry, but really, how do you get “June” out of “Helen”? She sure wasn’t born in June, she was born in November.  The studio must have just used a common name “June”. How did they come up with “Caprice?”  Well, she performed in a show called “Caprice of the Mountains”.  So, there you have “CAPRICE”. But, where in June Caprice’s name did they get the “June?” That, I’ll have to figure out!

          June made silent films, and she did however live during the ‘talkie’ era. But, she didn’t live in that world very long. There are pictures of her. There is one photograph of her that I’ll never forget. It’s a photograph of her knitting. It’s one of the prettiest photos of her. It’s one of her most known photographs as well. It’s personally one of my favorite photos of her.  In terms of being photogenic, June was sort of photogenic. Sometimes, the lightning makes her teeth look ‘bucky’ or ‘big’ or ‘spacey’, but in the reality of things, June had a nice smile. She wasn’t photographed much, but, when she was photographed, she always looked her best. June Caprice, like I said, didn’t live very long at all. She was meant to live long, but unfortunately, life didn’t want her to live very long. She left the film business in 1923 to marry and give birth to her only child, a daughter. She married HarryMillarde. But, sadly, June’s life would be cut short.

Her husband died in 1931 of a heart attack. That’s awful, but if you think that’s bad, June died of cancer in 1936, at the age of 40. Now, that was young. But, the worst part of all of it, is when her daughter was left ‘orphaned’ (don’t worry, her grandparents raised her). But, to think that her daughter lost both her parents at around the same time, is depressing.

          June Caprice, is someone who I’ve loved for years, but now, I need to do some more researching. I may write a book about her to add to my little “Short Biography Series” that I started writing earlier this year!

So, if you haven’t’ heard about June Caprice, you should read about her, she’s really a fantastic person, but whose life was cut short.





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