Unanswered Questions

There are so many questions I have when it comes to Silent and Classic Film. There are so many questions that I know that I can’t get answers for and maybe there are some where I can get answers for.

Why can’t Joan Fontaine and Olivia De Havilland speak? I know they had a sibling rivalry, but come on now, why can’t they just ‘kiss and make up’?

Could have   Olive Thomas’ death been prevented? Yes, what do I know about her life? What? All I know is the way that she died and the way that she was with people, from reading about her and researching her. But do you think it could have been prevented, if certain words were said and things were different?

How come some silent films are lost and some are not? They seem lost for some time and then they just seem to ‘pop up’ and another thing , how do people get a hold of these reels? Some reels are found in the most oddest of places! Like, some of Olive Thomas’s films were found in an excavated swimming pool in Alaska. How does a film reel end up in a swimming pool??? How??

Why didn’t Lillian Gish ever marry? She loved D.W Griffith very much and there is proof that she did. She always said “I was in love with the movies and the MAN WHO MADE THEM” (*cough cough, Griffith*).

Was it her overbearing mother? What was it? Dorothy Gish got married, but she kind of ‘eloped’ if you will.  But, why couldn’t Gish get married? What was stopping her?

Why didn’t Peggy Ryan and Donald O’Connor ever get married? There is proof that they had feelings for one another, and they were paired in almost every movie, so it seemed. They needed to be together.

Did June Caprice have any siblings? How did she get cancer? I know that June Caprice had a child, but is that child still alive? I can’t seem to find anything! But, I wish that there was more written on June Caprice.

Did Vivian Martin have any children? Was she married? I tried to research it and I’m getting nowhere. Did she live alone?

Why was Mabel Normand’s name linked to scandals during the 1920’s? She didn’t kill anyone, as far as I know. Why was she the one to blame? Why?

Why did Jack Pickford be a playboy? Wasn’t he taught any manners? Why did he quickly remarry after his first wife, Olive Thomas die? Why? If he “loved her so much”, then why the rush to get remarried, what was the reason behind that?

Why wasn’t Olive’s body moved to the Pickford cemetery? Did Mary Pickford hate Olive that much to not have her body be placed next to Jack when died? (Olive is buried in NY, while Jack is buried in CA).

Why was Clara Bow mistreated? What was it about her that made everyone want to ridicule her? It wasn’t at all fair, nor was it kind.

Are any of Mae Marsh’s kids or grandchildren still around? I wouldn’t even know how to track them down or how to start?

What was Marguerite Courtot’s child’s name? I always see that she had a child, but no name went with it. I wondered if she had a good relationship with her child?  I hope that they did.

I have a lot more questions, but these are just a start!



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