When A Star goes

It’s so sad to see a star go. It really is. In fact, their life now has more value than ever. When a star is alive, their lives are pretty valuable, but not as valuable when they’re dead. I know that is a sad statement, but it’s true. I’ll just take Ann Rutherford for an example. She died yesterday, but the world didn’t get the word of her passing till today (at least I wasn’t told, until today.) It’s hard to believe that she’s dead, but then again, she was 94 years of age (what can we do when they’re that age?). You just can’t believe your eyes or ears. What is that you’re hearing? Ann Rutherford dead? Really? How old was she? 94. You must realize that stars cannot live forever, but now, she will join the millions of stars, including her Gone With the Wind Co-star(s), Vivien Leigh, Clarke Gable, and many more. She was one of the best out there. Now, try to remember that there are still actors living, that were a part of the “Classic” generation. There is Olivia De Havilland, who is still living (she’s 95). There is her sister, Joan Fontaine (she’s 94). There is Lauren Bacall (who is almost or who is 90). There is Betty White, there is Shirley Temple Black, there are just a ton of stars from that era, who are still living. But, then again, we will loose them. Is it a shame that we have to value their lives, after they die. We should have been appreciating them when they were still alive. That’s why I say, appreciate the ones we have left! It’s important to do so. When Ann died yesterday, the world didn’t get the news till today, or for some late yesterday. I do remember Ann very well. I never got to meet her, but she was big part of me. She was “given” to me by my dad. She was great in “Gone With The Wind” and I do mean that. I did watch “Love Finds Andy Hardy” yesterday, and I do recall seeing her in there. I had a feeling that something was going to be said of Ann the next day. I kind of knew that they were playing that film, not only for Judy’s sake or Mickey’s, but for hers. According to the LA Times, she died Monday Night, due to heart problems and declining health. She was 94, what was she suppose to do, live to be 100? Lillian Gish would have been 100 that October had she not died in Feb. of 1993. Ann Rutherford lived a long time, you must realize that. Even though it is sad to see her go, or any star go, for that matter, you must remember that they were “pretty old”. We want them to stay around as long as we want. When they don’t stay around as long as we wanted them to, it breaks our heart(s) and we wonder why they had to leave.  But, she wasn’t the last Gone With the Wind co-star . Olivia is holding that place. It’s kind of like with Lillian Gish. When Miriam Cooper died in 1976, it left Lillian the only surviving cast member left of both Intolerance and The Birth of A Nation. But, when she died in 1993, there was no on left. It’s now the same thing with the Gone With the Wind cast. Clarke Gable was the first to go, then Vivien Leigh, then Evelyn Keyes, who played the middle O’Hara sister, Suellen, died in July 2008 and now her. (I’m sure there was another cast member who died, I just can’t remember who it was). But, now, it’s up to Olivia De Havilland to hold that position of “Last Cast Member” in the entire film. Now, we must remember that she (Ann) was in her 90’s and Olivia is to. But, then again, you must remember that dying is a part of life. We don’t want to it be, but we can’t help that. Now, we must remember that there are still stars out there, who are in their 70’s-90’s. Appreciate them too! They are still loved. It’s such a shame to see our favorite stars go, but do remember this: They will now become apart of you, if they haven’t already. Like I always say: Stars become apart of you. They become apart of who you are, your well being, everything about you, is linked to them. No one can change that, but you. We remember the stars who have gone before us, and yet, we remember a star, who has now just gone. “She was gone with the wind and now she’s gone from the world”. Ann, may you forever rest in peace, and as to all the millions of stars who have gone before us, we miss you, love you and we will be ‘watching’ you.


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