This month..

So..December has begun. Christmas is here! Ohh that I have a new job and paying my own bills, money has been extremely tight. For an example, I was planning on buying three friend’s of mine a present from where I live. But when I got to it, I 1) Didn’t have enough money to mail it and 2) It was $160 dollars to mail it and 3) I didn’t have any money left and mother was not happy about that. So, all I can provide are Christmas cards. Do you remember that song “Mockingbird” by Eminem? There’s a whole part in there where he raps about not being able to afford Christmas presents. That’s how I feel. I really wanted to get them a Christmas present(s)! But, I’ll pick out three lovely cards, so it’ll make it up, I hope! Then, I get sick. I get sick everyyyy year! The worst part about it is, that I’m missing work. I’m trying hard not think about how I’m not getting paid while I’m not at work.. Ehhhhhhhh…pheck! More soon!


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