The End of An “Era”


This year we lost a whole bunch of amazing stars. 

Today we lost Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine.

I know that this is hard, especially on us young fans. I will miss them dearly! Joan, I actually preferred over Olivia. I really like Peter. I really wished that society could have checked upon them and it’s really upsetting to hear about their passings. 

We also lost Deanna Durbin as well as Esther Williams and Eleanor Parker. Three of my favorite Hollywood leading ladies. They all taught me to be brave, be kind, gracious and above all, learn how to love. These ladies and gentlemen, have really impacted my life. I’m only 21, but throughout my life, they have made a difference in my little 21 years of life. I’ll miss all of them!

Thank you for being brave-for all of us!


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