An Ann Rutherford Christmas


As we go on into the new year, I should just talk about a star that didn’t die this year, but last. Around this time of year, I usually reflect on the year. This year (2013), was perhaps one of the worst. We lost so many great stars (emm…Esther Williams to Joan Fontaine). But, Ann Rutherford still lingers in my mind. We lost her in June of 2012. My darling Ann. I know that I missed you and I hope that she realized that I was thinking of her. Ann Rutherford, I’ve loved for so many years and now tomorrow, almost Christmas eve, is a year without you. I watched the Christmas Carol with you in it. It’s hard to imagine you gone when I just saw you on the TV screen. I love you and I miss you so much. This Christmas, there seems to be more mention of Ann’s name than before. It seems to be good and upsetting at the same time. It’s like Joan Fontaine, I can’t watch her the same way now. I seem to have tears streaming down my face every time. Miss her but also everyone have a wonderful Christmas! 



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