The Ways Of the Underrated


In every upbringing, there must be a star that has changed someone’s life.

I can name a dozen of them that has done just that. June and Jobyna are two that have turned me around.

June Caprice

For June Caprice, I always have wanted to contact her daughter and ask her about June (if someone knows her daughter June Elizabeth Millarde, please do message me.) June Caprice didn’t live very long. She was one of those stars who had cancer and there wasn’t anything they could do for her. I’ve always wanted to share my love for June to anyone. June Caprice is easy to love and not easy to forget (but of course, I live in a society where a name like ‘June Caprice’ is not even heard of). Of course, June’s put into the past, because we have to care about what stupid things young Hollywood is doing (It upsets me, that we don’t care about our older generation of Hollywood and when we do, they end up on the front page for their obituaries). June’s life had influenced mine when I was about six. I came to “know” June clearly and purely on accident. I went to the Library of Congress with my grandparents (paternal). I walked around I spotted a picture of June Caprice. She was moving on a screen and I liked her. She was adorable. I called my granny over and I said “LOOK!” My granny said: “That’s June Caprice”. My eyes were glued to her. I loved her instantly. There was a man standing by an auditorium or what looked to be one. I walked over to him and I said “Can I take June home?” The man looked down at me and said, “Do you want to see more of June?” I nodded and he smiled. I saw an entire moving picture. “Patsy” is what I saw. I seemed to be in awe. This year, for Christmas, I got her picture (the exact one above) put on a necklace, so I can carry her around with me always. I needed  her in my life and I still have her. Even though I haven’t personally meet her (I wish someone knew if her daughter is still around), I wish I could tell her how much she’s made my life better.

Jobyna Ralston 

Jobyna came into my life not to much later than June did. Jobyna Ralston came into my life when I was just learning who Harold Lloyd was. She was just beautiful. Everything about her, I seemed to be caught up in .

Jobyna Ralston had me at “hello”. For a long time, Jobyna didn’t say anything. She was silent, but she looked beautiful. Then, I heard her speak. I thought she was adorable. Everything she did, was no wrong.

Sometimes, when I think of Jobyna, I think of a buddy, someone to be with. She really did make an impression on.


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