“June’s Heart”


She is my heart and soul. She is the one who has told me to never to give up.

I wish I could tell her daughter, (who is still alive, as we know it), how much I loved her. Sometimes, people whom you’ve never met can have the biggest impact on you. I really think so.  When I was little, I had found out about her and I’m about to embark on trying to write a full-blown biography on her and put her name into a little movie that I’m going to try and make. People, at least at my age, are too worried with people like One Direction. June should matter. Even though she died in 1936, she still remains to be one of Hollywood’s best stars. Even though she’s gone, and she was one of those stars who died of cancer, she still has a big place in my soul. I don’t know what is it about her, but she is just one of the most adorable women that had ever graced the planet. June’s heart will always be around. Some June fans are long gone, but it’s young people like me, who really hold onto people like June.

June is almost like a puzzle. We’ll have to find all her pieces but we’ll put her together again. She’s almost like a mystery that we can’t seem to figure out.

If anyone knows if her daughter’s still around or anything about her family, let me know !




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