My Reaction



It was 2011. I was just on my way to college, when I picked up the paper. There, on the front page, was Barbara Kent’s obit. Now, me being so emotionally and physically attached to the past stars, I was very surprised and I was upset. But, then I looked “103”. My gish she was lucky to be able to live that long. I seemed to have been retold about her these past few days. I was going through my grandparent’s box that they had left and inside, was the above photograph inside. I knew who that was right away. Barbara Kent- who had left the earth a few years before. In my years of being a film-goer, my faves are usually leading ladies, this is because I was raised with more of them, than leading men (doesn’t mean I prefer men over women, just my strong role models, are indeed leading ladies). I had just lost Miriam Seegar earlier that year (in fact, her anniversary of her death is tomorrow).  I couldn’t have bared to lose anyone else. My god-child had just died in September and now, I lost her in October. It was not exactly the best time to loose her. I think that Barbara was just adorable and even though I just have a small letter and picture signed from her (I had blogged about it yesterday). Barbara’s life was more than just important to me, it was a foundation to me. She told me how to live- really how to fight for this kind of film. I learned everything I could from this woman. She was in a lot of my favorite movies. She starred with my favorite leading man: Harold Lloyd. She was just the kind of actress that I needed in my life. I got someone who could act and who lived to be over 100. Now, there is a role model! 


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