What I Found

Even though I miss my old job at the library, I still go back to see it every now and then. When I cam in today, my co-worker had said “Can I use your help?” I was only suppose to be in there for a few minutes. I nodded. We went up to what was the old office. 

“One more box,” My co-worker said. What he meant, is that before I was laid off, I opened up a lot of boxes that were filled with movie stuff that belonged to my co-worker’s grandfather. I opened the big box of stuff. I will die a happy woman. Some never before seen pictures (at least I’ve never seen before) were out of the box and in my hands. His grandfather saved a lot of old Hollywood clippings from the early days of Hollywood. I was just one of those people who are in absolute awe of these people. I love old Hollywood and I’ll never let it go. I saw some stuff of Barbara Kent!!!!!!! (SQUEALING WITH JOY). I saw some stuff of Jobyna Ralston, that I’ve never seen before (as below). Then I saw some stuff that I was very familiar with. Vivian Martin cooking and some other really awesome stuff. Glad I came in. He said “This place hasn’t been the same without you”. I don’t doubt it and I do miss it, but I was willing to even quit when things were going wrong, but ohh well, At least I can come and visit. I literally am crying , that’s how much I love them. I grew up loving these stars and I’ll never let ’em go! 



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