This morning couldn’t have been worse. This morning, my mom showed me the news: MY CHILDHOOD STARLET HERO IS DEAD. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT SHIRLEY!! NOT HER! NO!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. If we didn’t spend too much worthless time on people like Justin Bieber (I’m sick of hearing about him) and trying to spend our time trying to hear about the STARS WHO REALLY ERNED THEIR PLACE IN HOLLYWOOD- YES I’M TALKING ABOUT TEMPLE, BACALL, OR REYNOLDS, ROONEY. ALL OF THEM MATTER. THEY ARE ALL FADING. TEMPLE, BEING AMONG THEM.  Ok, Temple was a childhood hero to me. So much that I have 14 Shirley Temple dolls, shirley temple hiar clips, and pins. I really loved her. I own a ton of her movies and I have her autobiography : Child Star, WHICH IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER STUPID KIDDIE STAR BOOK THESE DAYS.  I’m just saying, my emotions are in shock. My heart is breaking. My mother even gave me my valentine’s day present early: A Shirley Temple Doll and I was JUST TALKING ABOUT HER YESTERDAY. OH MY TEMPLE. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING NOW. ONE OF HOLLYWOOD’S GREATS> IS GONE!!! GONEEEEEEEE!! I am still in shock and crying. I called my dad and he said “Yes, I knew you’d be upset”. OF COURSE, HOW I COULD NOT BE? SHE IS AN AMERICAN TREASURE. She is the one who was the ambassador of good cheer during the Depression. My grannies have told me how she was very important. VERY. Even better, she got to be Ambassador to Ghana and the Czech Repbulic. MY GISH, WHAT ACOMPLISHMENTS. I can’t even hold my head up now. I want her to be here. I keep telling myself that this isn’t happening, this CANNOT BE HAPPENING. Grabbed one of my Shirley dolls and just sobbed. I literally sobbed at the TV as I heard the news of her being dead. My childhood has just died. SHIRLEY TEMPLE, don’ t ever forget how you MATTER and how you were A STAR. A TRUE STAR, you WORKED and you ERNED YOUR PLACE IN HOLLYWOOD. You didn’t go off the edge, but bettered yourself and had the most beautiful family. YOU taught me how to love. YOU taught the world that things will get better, if we just believed in ourselves. Thank you and I LOVE YOU. Rest in Peace baby!



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