Cherish them


It’s so hard being in the Old Hollywood fandom.

The reason this being is that your favorite stars are either dead, or pushing 80. They’re either forgotten or made fun of, when nobody knows what kind of hardships they had- to even get their stardom. Many of them, people will try to make them look like god-awful people and you want to still be on the stars side. You want to search to see whose still alive, and get a piece of them before they’re gone. We search constantly for answers so that we may understand them. People aren’t in this fandom have it easy- their favorite stars are constantly putting out new movies, or new records or new shows and we- the Old Hollywood fandom, can’t have that luxury. Our stars, that we love, are gone, and they have been gone, or we’re a witness to their deaths and some of us, I included, can’t handle it. It hurts when people, who do not understand this fandom, go “You never knew them” or the best one yet, “They don’t care about you, because you never knew them, what did they do for you?” It’s amazing what people do not know. When someone has gone, it does not mean that they are not apart of your heart or your soul. I try to explain this to people all the time. I may sound odd, but I know I’ve got some Greer Garson inside me, whether it comes out or not. I know that Jean Simmons died in 2010, but she still taught me so much. Joan Fontaine, taught me to be brave. Lillian Gish died when I was a year old, and yet, she has stuck with me for years. Judy Garland has bursted into a million pieces and has spread herself among us. Shirley Temple is just learning to become an angel and her fans will continue to grow. Now, Mickey Rooney will gain his wings and will become part of our souls and hearts. Within a great star, is a great heart and a good mind. Myrna Loy always said that “Life should be more like the Movies”, and I agree. Myrna Loy has dispersed herself within a lot of you, and I know that she is always there for you, whenever you need her. The things that make our fandom different than the rest, is that we tend to share the fandom and help it grow. Some of us who were not raised on these kinds of films, are introduced to them in someway or another. I use to hear a saying that “It’s so wonderful that you have found them- when at the same time, they have found you”. In this fandom, we try to understand who they were and we are thankful for what they have done for us. Lets not forget where they came from and still cherish them.


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