What Else Do I Stand For?

Aside from being a film historian and lover, I seem to have been drawn to Holocaust. This has been a passion since I was 7 years old. Yes, 7. When I was a senior in High school, I managed to track down a few survivors, and submit a few “Page of Testimonies” for Yad Vashem. Their main goal is to identify every person who died in the Holocaust. Trying to keep up with the survivors can be tricky. Because they are getting old and they may not remember me. But, luckily, I spoke to Peter Feigl (Pictured below) and I’m known to him as “Katie” (Which to me, doesn’t matter) and he was so sweet to speak to! He was the first survivor that I interviewed over the telephone when I was senior in High school.  He had reccomended me a book entitled “Hidden on the Mountain”. I was at the time writing a book called “Lives that Matter” (I’m still working on it, since now I have to try and choose the people I want to fully write about). This book included Peter and the ladies below: Renee and Edith Kann. Renee is now Ms. Renee Kann Silver and Edith Kann Roth had passed away. In 2009, I managed to write this book in a notebook that I still have today , but it needs a ton of work! A lot of work! When I am now 22, I can still write this book and fully get it going. This is also what I stand for, are these people who fully survived and for those who died during the Holocaust. But now, I can fully understand why I was different growing up as a child. Yes, knowing these lives, who were now dead, I always felt that it was my right and my responsibility to keep them going. So, if you see a book come out about Holocaust children, that’s from me.




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