Letters To Tyler



“Dearest Tyler,

I thought of you today. How I wish that you were still here.”


This was today’s post to Tyler Long, who died in 2009. As of the 3rd of June, I had started a diary dedicated to Tyler, as a way of telling him about now, and what’s going about me. I intend to fight for Tyler this upcoming Junior League time. Somehow, I intend to fight, not sure how or who will help me, but I intend to bring his story to the light of the world. He needs to be heard, though he’s buried 6 feet under us. He’s been gone for at least 5 years now, and that’ s a long time to be gone. Unlike Jobyna Ralston, whose been gone for 50 years, he’s been gone for a little while. Tyler Lee Long, Born April 25th, 1992, died Oct.17.2009, age 17.


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