Arlen JR..Post..



Things to Do:

Call Richard Arlen Jr. I know it’ sounds so silly to remind myself to do it, but I should. Every three or four months, I give him a call. Who is he? He’s the son of Jobyna Ralston and yes, I have a good rapport with him- which is good.

Our phone calls last about 30 seconds tops, since I don’t want to waste his time and since I have trouble with finding things to say without asking him things about his mother, I can’t. I know that Jobyna was a privet person, but I cannot just say “Ohh, hey what was Mommy like?” Like Jobyna Ralston needs to breathe, which is really weird when it’s said by me. She’s in the middle, holding her one and only child, her son. Her son is 82. I know what you’re thinking: Why did I wait so long to contact him? First off, I only found him in January and it took me five years to finally find him, so I’ve been waiting my whole life, well, ok 12 years to talk to him! When I was young, I always dreamt of meeting Jobyna, but since Jobyna had been dead for 25 years to my birth, it didn’t help much. She’s been gone for 48 years now, almost 50, and that’s as long as her son and his wife have been married, which is really cute to be honest. I haven’t seen older photos of him, but I have seen baby to like age 8 photos of him and he knows this, because I kinda told him. I sent him a photo of me, so he knows that a 23 year old fan girl is talking to him. Jobyna has been my life, and it is kinda surreal that I have this contact. I don’t know what his exact feelings are about me, nor do I want to ask him yet, I mean we’ve only been talking this year. It will be in January, on Jobyna Ralston’s 49th anniversary of her death that we would have known eachother for a year! I remember my first year after getting to know Mary Costa, it was amazing! Now, with him, I will do my best to keep the rapport going to the point of friendship, which is what I have with Mary Costa. Mary, speaking of which, I need to give her a call too! But, as far as his wife, I am not even sure her feelings on me, since she has never spoke to me before and if I do, I will get nervous, but I would love to talk to her too, and maybe ask if she knew Jobyna at all- since when they got married, was the same year that Jobyna died at the age of 67 in 1967. Jobyna had serious health problems, that she was confined to a wheel chair, which makes me sad, but at the same time, my health problems are relevant. I’m not in a wheel chair, but whenever I stand up, I go to either side, which can cause me to hit my head on stuff, which I already have, but luckily, my head is tough. Jobyna had rheumatism, which is hard to explain what that is, but Jobyna’s life was miserable in the end, and I don’t know how her and her son acted towards one another, that’s where the line is drawn that I can’t cross. If I do, I will blow it and then Good-Bye Arlen Jr. I never want to tell him about my anxieties, how I worry about him. Mary Costa knows about it, and she said it would make her sad to know that I worry so much about her. Jobyna, I worry about your son, but with Jobyna Ralston watching over the two of us, I know she knows I worry. But, what I found out this year is that Jobyna Ralston was a privet person and really had nothing more to do with the movies, after she “retired”. She married Richard Arlen SR, hence where we get Jr’s name from. Arlen Sr, ran off of the family when he was 12, year much of a father in his life.  She sued him for 250,000 bucks, not counting the $500 a month for child support. At that time, her being a single mom, was a big step for the world. She did it though. She lived off his money and she took an early retirement. However, according to her son, “She barely had enough money left.” Luckily, for Arlen Jr, he became an Architect, I know this because on the letter it said that, which was cool!! He sent me one letter and I hold it so close to me, because he hand wrote it! So, when I say “Need to Call Richard Arlen Jr”- I do. I get so nervous every time I call and sometimes I want him to answer, so I can get his “checkup” over-with, that how my anxieties get to me, but I want to see what he does for the holidays or anything. One thing, I want to ask, is does Jobyna have grandchildren? I really want to ask, but I’m so nervous to ask that. In my mind,- it says “DON’T BLOW IT, DEAR GISH DO NOT BLOW THIS! YOU NEED THIS CONTACT”. It’s the only way I feel closer to Jobyna, as I know that sounds odd when I say that. Or maybe, does that make sense? Maybe? But, as I speak to him, hopefully tomorrow, It’ll ease myself to know that he’s ok. Every time I talk to him, he sounds great! I think he’s very active and I think he likes to travel, definitely will ask that tomorrow, if he likes to travel or anything! But, ohh well, at least I know him and get to talk to him when I can!


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