Something I found from my first year of college

I found this- from my freshman year of college in a red notebook:
Anne Frank
She’s left out of textbooks, classrooms, and history lessons.
She’s gone from the world and yet no one can seem to know her face.
She’s the epitome of Holocaust and Semitism and yet people deny her existence.
Her face is known and yet people laugh.
Her eyes are sad because she sees the world.
She is crying because she figures we all hate each other.
Don’t stand on her grave, because she’s not there.
Don’t try to find her, she’s in a pile and now bones.
Her spirit doesn’t leave and it can’t. She speaks through and breaks down barriers, though we keep putting them up.
She is upset because people deny her existence.
The world is not fair to Anne and Anne is always fair to them .
She gave up her life because it was needed and yet people said she didn’t have to die.
Anne was stolen from and yet she never stole from anyone.
Her life was thrown in the dirt and yet people don’t know where she is.
Yes, she loved, and yet people ridicule her for spite.
Anne is still someone, and yet the world of anti-semitism runs here.
She didn’t die because she wanted to and yet we just scrap her off like gum on a shoe.
She gives us light and hope when we need it and yet people are confused on who she was. She didn’t speak cruel and yet we speak cruel to her. She wanted to show the world there is good and yet all we’re showing her is all the corruption.
Anne’s life was stolen from her by disease and yet we cannot seem to put her in our classrooms, because it makes people feel sick.
She spoke loudly about the others who died alongside her, and yet we cannot discuss them either. She’s the bigger person and we criticize. She wrote and we ban her from us, because it’s a diary. She knows we need her help and we shove her away. She is willing to help and we shove her book in the garbage.
Anne Frank
She’s left out of textbooks, classrooms, and history lessons..


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