What I See in Photos


21268595294_e7890860a8_bScreen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.19.22 PM

It’s amazing what a photo can do. People say that photos are worth a thousand words. To me, they are worth a two stars. Every photo I see of someone or something, I always seem to see more. For an example, my dear friend, Darcy, who has a lot of amazing photos (and not to mention, she’s awesomely talented!), seems to inspire so much “placing” with. Everytime I see some photo of her, I find a photo of a star that kind of represents that photo. It’s amazing to me.  The one below is a perfect example. I tend to place her with actress Jobyna Ralston, more times than need to be mentioned. When Darcy began her modeling with a clothes company, there were so many photos that resemebled photos of Jobyna Ralston, Peggy Ryan or Bonita Granville. This year I started to learn Photoshop properly, so now I could create some of these amazing photos you’re seeing. I try to photoshop photos that I find to look interesting or as some of my colleagues have said “Cool”. The hardest part, is picking the perfect start to combine with my friends. I tend to photoshop my friends, such as Darcy with old stars, that a lot of them, actually many of them, have never heard of. I’m sure that Jobyna’s name was thrown around their house. Actually, probably not. Sometimes, I just manage to see things, that others don’t. Another example, can be seen below.  A simple photo like when you’re waiting to go to school, can be turned into a pose for a poster (as to see the Peggy Ryan/Ray McDonald photo). These are just the beginning and I like to promote my friends. I hope you enjoy these! 25530621633_19a52b3509_h1797397_665457610164746_530030984_nPeggy Edit


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