Thoughts on the New Beauty and the Beast (Part 1 and shorter version)


Well, the new trailer for Beauty and the Beast is out. At first, when I heard that Disney was remaking things, I was a little sad, since being born in the 90’s and growing up with Beauty and the Beast, it was a little shattering. Then, my friend had mentioned that Emma Watson was cast as Belle. Now, I don’t have anything against the woman, she’s pretty rad. But, as a Disney Princess, replacing Paige O’Hara (if you don’t know who that is, Google is your friend), was a little shattering to me. But, then one of the producers added me via Facebook and really helped with my opinion. When the teaser trailer came out in May, I was totally unimpressed. I understand that Disney chose the idea to go with the original concept, but honestly it didn’t really help much. But, with the new trailer, I find myself going, “Ok Disney, Ok.” But I feel like with Paige’s approval of this, I’ll be ok. But, every now and then, I look at it as “It’s not Paige”. But I’ll be ok .

I can’t change anything, since it’s not my film and since I’m not employed working at the studio ..

Ohh well, whatever comes of it, I’m sure it’ll be in my DVD collection..


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