Literature comes to life?




As a writer, and as a person who tends to write a lot of stories, I have seemed to come up with a plot for a  new novel. Holocaust lit should be it’s own genre. Sadly, it’s not . But, with my stories, I tend to look up real people and write a story around them. For an example, I am working on a story right now about Chana Aberstein, she died in 1942 at Chelmno Extermination Camp in Poland. It is a pretty good novel, from what I’m writing, but then again, I’m taking a person’s life and bringing it back to life, which is a risky thing to do. Where do I get these names and ideas? Well, for starters, I am getting my information on the Yad Vashem’s Shoah name database. It’s a great way to just find information about Jews who perished during the Holocaust. To me, I just type in a name like “Chana” and I get so many results. It’s amazing what you will find. Me, I look up certain places. Like I’ll type in “Chana, Chelmno” and I do get a result, that there was a girl named Chana that died at Chelmno. But I look up different places, so I could create a story around that. It’s a very difficult process, because of age, location and of course, way of death. Many of the Jews during the Holocaust were gassed and then dissolved. When I wrote Chana, I wrote around Chana Aberstein’s story. It worked out perfectly. Now, I’m trying to re-do that formula into a different story with two characters: One real, the other not. The story of Liese Abraham . She was born on Dec.30.1927. She was perhaps German. Her story ended in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. I’m trying to write something around that girl. If she died at Auschwitz, then I must make my story around Auschwitz. My writing style is fairly different than most, since like I said, I create stories around real people. Works for me. I like to write stories around real people. It really helps. As for me, I tend to be a bit interesting with my writing. For an example, in Chana’s story, she’s real but her skin is ash. If you touched her, you’d wipe away her ashes and figure out who she is.

Chana Aberstein is just one of many Jews that I will bring back to the human eye. Now, I’m trying to work on another story that is very much like Chana’s. It’s hard when you’re trying to combine stories like Riwa Goldman’s (she died also at Chelmno, she was hard of hearing), with Liese Abraham, but she died at Auschwitz. I want to try to make something resonate with people, that these people died, or maybe have a different view on it.

As of right now, I’m still focusing on names and I have Liese Abraham as a start. It makes sense to.



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