What have I done to these Pages of Testimonies?

It has occurred to me that I’ve been searching the Yad Vashem Shoah database for names of people that need to be spoken about. I usually start with typical Jewish names like “Chana” or “Liesel”.  A whole bunch of names will appear on the database. I go and click on the ones  I want to know about . Usually I pick the birth years from 1922 on.

The first name I clicked on was Chana Aberstein (the last one, represented by Sophie Nelisee). She was born on Oct.26. 1926. She was born in Poland. She was from a typical Jewish family. There is no photograph of her, so I chose Sophie to represent her.

Yad Vashem has seen some of what I call “Bringing them to Life” projects that I have taken upon myself.

Chana was the second eldest of four children. The oldest was Sara Aberstein, then there was Chana, Then there was a brother,Izaak and Jakob. Chana’s entire family were wiped out during the Holocaust, including their mother. Chana was only 13. She didn’t live very long, as you might have noticed. She was killed at Chelmno, which was a concentration camp in Poland in 1942. She was what they called a “Test Jew”. At Chelmno, the Nazis were trying to figure out ways to kill the Jews and “gas vans” were the way to do it, at least it proved effective at first. Then, they used chambers to be more effective. Chana’s image is unknown ,so I gave her one. I know it seems unfair, but it at least gives us an idea of Chana might have looked like. It could help the family members that she might have remaining come forward to identify what she looked like..

Liese Abraham, if you have seen, I’ve placed with Emma Watson, it seems like that she would look like it. I have posted about Liese before. She was probably very pretty, as I assume many Jews were. Liese lost her entire family, but she did have someone to right down a page of testimony for her. It were researchers. She was born in Germany in 1927. If you look her up om Yad Vashem, you’ll see this:

“Liese Abraham was born in Altenkirchen, Germany on Dec. 30. 1927 to Siegfried and Else. She was a child. Prior to WWII she lived in Altenkirchen, Germany. During the war she was in Koeln, Germany. Liese was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by a researcher, Alex Leib Salm Gershkovich” I found some information on her. Maybe when she died.


Date of Birth:
30 Nov 1927
Date of Transport:
19 Sep 1942
Date of Departure:
6 Oct 1944
Previous Place:
Holocaust Fate:
Transport Number:
  • III/5
  • Eo
  • 1283
Number of People in Transport:
  • 3
  • 50
  • 1550″  So maybe she died in 1944?

In a new book called Mannor – written by yours truly, we explore people like Liese, Chana and our final person we’ll speak out: Bela Alzen.

Bela Alzen was born in 1929 in Lodz Poland. She was 12 years of age when she died at Treblinka in 1941. She died a year after the war started in 1940 in Poland. The Jews in Poland suffered greatly and Bela is an example. I used my friend, Darcy Griffith to represent her, since Darcy and her are the same age (Darcy just turned 12). It makes sense to use a girl who is 12 to represent her, which is funny about Chana, since Sophie and Chana were different ages (Chana was 13 when she died).

These Jews were among millions were killed by the Nazis. I want to help bring them into the light and this is one way to do it.

If you want to participate in this by submitting your photo, please contact me!


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