Liese (Liesel) Abraham

Over the past few weeks, I have been researching for my book Mannor  . The book is about a woman named Chevra Palley who goes to live in Poland to teach at a university. In time, she soon realizes that her house is filled with spirits and ghosts that died during the Holocaust. Many of the stories that I write, are based around real people, and that’s why I wanted to look up someone that maybe could fit the bill. It is not easy to find information about someone whose been dead for a long time and there is no one to really speak for her. Liese ( or Liesel) as she was called, was born in Germany. A German Jew and living in Germany was not a safe thing to do in her time. The problem with Liese’s family is that they registered as Jews, since then, you would have to register yourself and your family.

Liese was deported in 1942. She was probably deported to a ghetto first and then to Auschwitz. What’s interesting is that all these pages of testimonies are from people that died because of people’s racists fears against Jews. Which again, could be repeated now. Liese’s story could have been long but it ends in a gas chamber at Auschwitz in 1944.

In the book, Mannor she’ll be the first one to appear, finally, something about real people and maybe these people’s spirits could inspire us to save each other.


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