What Emma Watson Needs….


I was reading on tumblr some nasty things about Emma . I know that not everyone is going to like her, but honestly, come on. They were saying things such as:

“I was reading this topic from a film forum and someone asked actors least likely to ever get an Oscar and 99% of them all said Emma Watson. I people know by now she’s a horrible actress, they just don’t care about her in general. Someone threw some pity dust on her and said she might get NOMINATED for one and only when they have absolutely no film except for hers out that year and she’s the only female actress to star in something that year XD”

Now let’s be real: Emma Watson has never been in a film that would nominate her for an Oscar, but she HAS BEEN TO THE OSCARS.  Not many people get to go. Other things that kinda upset me are things like this:

  1. “Huh just realised she, Karen and John are all Brits doing an American accent in this movie. I’ve seen Karen in Oculus and her accent is great, John sound good too. She’s going to stick out even more like a sore thumb than when she did in Perks and TBR as the only English person in the cast.”

2) “She just had one job, playing a bookish character that was relatively easy to do, and she failed even at that. So I don’t see how people can hope that she would improve or that she would be able to carry a movie competently by herself.”

3) “The thing is, that’s what her fans and her team always say to ‘prove’ her cred as an actress, that she’s been in movies with so and so. Absolute rubbish. Her performances are still crappy, her roles are still mostly small, it’s still clear there are way too many better actresses out there. It took her a really long time to get a lead role too.”

(There’s more but it makes want to throw up when I read it, so we’ll leave at this).

Now, let’s go through these.

Yes, I know that her American accent was not always great to begin with, and let’s face it, not many Brits can do it. It’s very hard to play an “American”, since being from the South, I have a pretty deep southern accent and it’s hard for someone to play an American. So, can we give the girl a break. Geezes, you try learning things in a different accent. I know that when she did Perks of Being a Walflower , her American accent wasn’t all there, and I could tell. I knew she was struggling and since I have what is called “Underdog syndrome” (I care and champion the underdogs), I was actually feeling sorry for her. When she did The Bling Ring, it wasn’t all there either. But,  you know, American is the hardest language and hardest accents to learn, so give her a break. I know people are going to have their opinions, but my goodness, I know how hard it is to do accents, and for her, she’s getting better. She’s finally calling great American accent coaches to help her out. I just saw the trailer for the The Circle and I was thinking to myself “It might just work this time”. I hope and cross my fingers that  maybe, just maybe she could nail that American Accent. Regardless, I applaud her efforts, because doing an American accent is NOT easy!

2) Now, when she got the role of Hermione Granger, she was 10 years old. 10! What could we expect from a 10 year old. She did her job well. She did her best, and had that part for almost 10 years, and when it over, what was she to do? To say that she failed, was not really appropriate to say. To be honest, she was what J.K Rowling had wanted, and had fought for Emma to get the role. So there.  She was given the chance to carry Beauty and the Beast By herself!  That’s really a big thing to do by yourself. Let’s see, she has to sing, dance and not to mention, act, cry and scream. Hmmm.. can you do all that peeps? I don’t think so? Not without professional training and hmmm, the money to do it. But saying that she can’t hold on her own is just like saying “Well, Tom Hanks can’t do anything.” PLEASE! Do I look like I was born yesterday? Neither was Emma. She’s never been given the chance to carry a movie on her own. She can do it, I know she can, that’s why she’s been given the chance, so let her do it!

3) Ok here we go. The reason why people say this is because she’s never been ‘pushed’. The directors usually give her the ‘go aheads’ and she does what she feels is good. Let me say this from a non-professional person who has done acting. When a director gives you the ‘go- aheads’, usually that means they think they know what you’re doing. 9 times out of 10, you don’t know what you’re doing. Emma has never had a director push her to her limits, because they think she could do it. Well, here’s the thing: She’s not been given parts that people will take her seriously. Colonia  was good, but she needed more dramatic scenes, more crying, more yelling, more actions. Regression, she only had a 15 minute part, and it didn’t serve her any purpose at all. The Bling Ring was really a terrible picture, there is no way around it and usually Sophia Coppola makes films that are not always the best, and throwing Emma in the mix, without her American accent being up to par, it was a disaster and Emma didn’t have a big role either. In Noah, Emma did a pretty good job towards the end, because that’s when she actually had a role. Ballet Shoes didn’t do her justice, but she did a pretty decent job, she just had to share the screen with two other girls, which was really hard to watch. Emma doesn’t really get the leads in many films.  The Circle I am going to see, just because I think it’s fair to give her a chance and give her the shot she needs to show you that she can do this thing called ‘Acting’. I always want to remind people, please try to make it big in the industry, because very few make it and she made it. She managed to try to make a difference in the world and try to give people gender equality, I mean COME ON what more can this woman do?


What she needs is fresh film roles that really test her abilities. Like I’ve said to many of my friends, she NEEDS to do a Holocaust picture. It would be something that she could add to her resume and not to mention, it would be such a great honor to portray a Holocaust survivor or a Holocaust victim.  It would be a test of her acting chops and I know that if someone gives her notes on how to play this, with helping her with her dramatic skills, she could pull it off. Or she needs to do a film that is about civil liberties- or civil rights. Like where was she when Suffragette was being made?  I know that she could have jumped at that opportunity. No, “I need a break from acting”. Honey, you do that, you loose your touch and I guess that’s why people are talking trash about her. But, there are loads of people who just adore her and that’s what she needs, good fans who will stand by her side no matter what.

So, people who tell us that “She can’t act!”  Or how her “Performances are crap!”  You try being in the Business.



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