What makes someone good at singing?


Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 8.48.09 PM.png

Well, folks the new Beauty and the Beast trailer is here and Emma Watson is SINGING! That’s right folks, she’s SINGING! Now, most people aren’t accustomed to their favorite star singing. Emma Watson is no exception to the rule. Taking in Paige O’Hara’s role as Belle in the new Beauty and the Beast, she had to learn how to sing, dance, ride a horse, learn how to be Disneyish and probably take notes from Paige on how to play Belle. Now, not many things have been released on Emma’s singing until now, since the film comes out in 64 days. That’s not a lot, when you think about it. Emma did take professional lessons, and let’s be honest, she probably needed it. When you haven’t sung in about 10 years, your voice changes. For Emma, she’s never sung at all, and this is SUCH a big production that she knew she couldn’t mess this up. For if she did, it would have RUINED her career. It would have demolished it. I think that she wanted to sound as good as possible. Now, being someone who has sung in a choir and is a critical person of music, heard the new samples. Now, I had to listen to each of the songs a few times and I must her vocals are growing on me. You can already pre-order the soundtrack, which I am doing tomorrow, so I can already have the songs to jam to before the film comes out. I think that Emma sounds pretty good, for what she had to sing, she hit the right notes.

Judge for yourself.



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