Good-Bye Friend


Today, May 22nd, 2017, will live in my memory forever. I knew a silent Screen star’s son for 3 years. His name, Richard Arlen Jr. He was the product of Richard Arlen, and Jobyna Ralston. Tonight, I lost a friend. Tonight, I lost a man that I checked up on for the past three years. Tonight, I lost a man that I cared about. Tonight, I lost my last link to Jobyna. Tonight, I lost him. He died of lung cancer, and I didn’t know that he was ill or even dying of lung cancer. He was 83. I know 83 is old, but he loved a good life, says everyone around me. I’m grieving and I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing that for. I knew him and each time I spoke to him, my last time was February of this year, and I called on his birthday and I didn’t get an answer from him. Then, I realize why he didn’t answer. He was already dead~ and I didn’t know till now. I miss him and of course, my grief must be kept to a bare minimum. I Miss him. It was great to know him for the past three years. It made me feel close to his mother and now, they’re together. I’m happy they’re together now. He’s not hurting anymore. He’s not in pain. I wish he were still alive.

Richard Arlen Jr and I first made contact in January of 2015 (and if you worked with me at Moody Gardens at the time, you heard all about this!)~ I was 23 years old and I called him Jan. 23, 2015, which was the 48th anniversary of his mother’s death. If you don’t know about Jobyna, then you should. I have a shirt with her on it. Anyways, I called him and I was nervous to speak to him. I stumbled through words and all I got out was “Can I call you again to speak about her?” He said yes he wouldn’t mind talking about her. When I called him on Jan.27. 2015, I was super duper nervous. But, he was so kind and I still have the interview recording. I will always treasure it. I knew a legend’s child. I then asked if I could call him again soon to see how he was doing and he didn’t mind that at all. From then, our telephone friendship began. I called him every few months to check on him and he always was so pleased to hear from me ( as he said). He was kind enough to send me a letter, telling me he had moved. I remember calling him often enough where he recognized my voice and name. I always asked him if he was alright and he said he was good.
May .22.2017, today, I get a card from his good friend Susan Landreth telling me that he had passed away on May 8th 2017 of Lung cancer. I had no idea he was ill, but then again, he never mentioned it. But I think he could sense my worry and didn’t want to worry me. I last spoke to him in Feb of this year. I was blessed to have had a good rapport with him and could call him a friend.
Thank you Mr. Arlen for being kind to me and I miss you already ! Yes folks I knew him for 3 years and yes Talking over the phone does count.

Thanks Rick, for being my friend for three years.



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