Petr Ginz

Petr Ginz: One of the many people I wished I had spoken about in high school (oh wait, I did my senior year in a speech class, and everyone looked at me like I was speaking Yiddish). Luckily, I have had the privilege to have a few email conversations with his sister, who survived. She

Arlen JR..Post..

“Ohh, hey what was Mommy like?” Like Jobyna Ralston needs to breathe, which is really weird when it’s said by me. She’s in the middle, holding her one and only child, her son. Her son is 82. I know what you’re thinking: Why did I wait so long to contact him? First off, I only found him in January and it took me five years to finally find him, so I’ve been waiting my whole life, well, ok 12 years to talk to him! When I was young, I always dreamt of meeting Jobyna, but since Jobyna had been dead for 25 years to my birth, it didn’t help much. She’s been gone for 48 years now, almost 50, and that’s as long as her son and his wife have been married, which is really cute to be honest. I haven’t seen older photos of him, but I have seen baby to like age 8 photos of him and he knows this, because I kinda told him. I sent him a photo of me, so he knows that a 23 year old fan girl is talking to him. Jobyna has been my life, and it is kinda surreal that I have this contact. I don’t know what his exact feelings are about me, nor do I want to ask him yet, I mean we’ve only been talking this year.


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Darcy had a lovely day yesterday, filming Remnants. It’s just a two minute teaser & so just a morning shoot for her. The crew treated her like a princess. ‘the movie star is on set’ was what they said when we arrived (I was very tempted to say ‘yes, I’m…

Film School continues..

Soo…I had completed my two years of film school, only to find out I need two more years or more.. This can go both ways: First off, I’m pretty happy, that means I can try new editing software, new editing techniques and MAYBE get a job for some really good film company..that should be fun!

Jobyna Ralston

“How is She a role model? How is she strong?” ¬† Ladies and gentlemen, I present Jobyna Ralston. She’s my heart. If you didn’t know Jobyna was a loving mother and for a certain time: wife. ¬†Jobyna Ralston married twice. That’s not bad, considering people like Elizabeth Taylor, who married like 8 times. She didn’t